2017 Biodesign Immersion Experience wraps up

The Biodesign Immersion Experience, an intensive summer of training in needs finding and the engineering design process, has wrapped up their work with a database of hundreds of unmet needs documented through 8 weeks of clinic and site visits. The BIE is funded by an NIH R25 grant. Read all about the experience at their summer blog.

2017 Biodesign Immersion Experience kicks off

The 2017 Biodesign Immersion Experience has kicked off their summer of engineering design with a busy week of six offsite visits and their first blog post. Catch up with the BIE summer interns, who will be blogging for the next six weeks on the role of engineering design in clinical medicine, based on visits and interactions with the generous professional engineers and clinicians who host & mentor them.

Capstone team takes 2nd at Big Ideas

The bioengineering senior capstone design team of Matt Chan, Karthik Prasad, and Sara Sampson took 2nd place in the Global Health category of the Berkeley Big Ideas competition. 

Update: Two capstone teams win Honorable Mentions in Big Ideas!

Two Bioengineering senior capstone design teams have received Honorable Mentions in the Hardware for Good category of the annual Berkeley Big Ideas competition.

A successful 2017 Bioengineering High School Competition

The annual Bioengineering High School Competition, run by our Bioengineering Honor Society, featured a keynote speech by Professor Tejal Desai, BioE PhD alumna and Chair of the UCSF Department of Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences. Read more about the competition at the UCSF School of Pharmacy.

Feature story: Designing healthy futures

See how students in bioengineering and other fields are working at the intersection of design and health at the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation.

NIH funds Biodesign Immersion Experience for 5 more years

The National Institutes of Health has renewed the R25 grant which funds the Bioengineering Summer Biodesign Immersion Experience, adding up to a full decade of funding for the summer immersion capstone experience for undergraduates.

the Bioengineering High School Competition

The Bioengineering Honor Society hosted their third annual Bioengineering High School Competition (BioEHSC) at UC Berkeley last Saturday, April 9. BioEHSC is intended to help high school students explore bioengineering, the application of engineering principles to biological or medical systems.

SurgiSun team presents at Bay Area Global Health Challenge

The capstone team SurgiSun made it to the semifinals of the Bay Area Global Health Innovation Challenge, competing against graduate and postdoc-level innovation teams. Amy Lyden and Neha Kumar presented “SurgiSun: A Surgical Light for the Developing World” at the showcase held at UC Berkeley on April 8th.

Capstone team competing at Rice 360

The ForSight capstone team of Amanda Haack, Zane Liu, Ian Lin, and Ashu Shrestha will be competing this week at the Rice 360° Sixth Annual Undergraduate Global Health Technologies Design Competition.
Good Luck ForSight!

Two BioE undergrads awarded Whitaker Fellowships

Congratulations to BioE students Amy Lyden and Amanda Haack, recipients of 2016 Whitaker International Fellowships! The Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program sends biomedical engineering students for one year anywhere outside the U. S. or Canada to conduct research, hold internships, or complete coursework.

2016 Biodesign Immersion Experience interns selected

Eight bioengineering students have been selected to participate in the 2016 Biodesign Immersion Experience. Created by Professor Amy Herr and funded by grant from the NIH, the BIE is an 8-week summer program that prepares bioengineers to connect engineering innovation and unmet clinical needs. Students have either recently taken or will be taking BioE 192, the senior […]

Student team headed to round 2 of the Diabetes Design Challenge

Berkeley’s D! team is designing a smartphone app to help type 2 diabetes patients make healthy choices when dining out. The team, made up of students Brian Goodness and Owen Hsiao from the School of Information, MBA students Shahida Abdul Rashid and Howard O, and bioengineer Zach Zeleznick, won first place in the Oct. 24 Hack2Health competition at Berkeley and secured a spot in the upcoming ninth annual Berkeley-Haas Healthcare Conference organized by the student-led Haas Healthcare Association.

BioE ranks in top 10 nationwide

Once again Berkeley BioE has been ranked 9th in the nation among undergraduate bioengineering programs by U.S. News & World Report!
UC Berkeley remains the #1 public university and the #3 overall undergraduate engineering program.
Go Bears!

Congratulations 2015 Graduates!

We’re proud of you! Watch the 2015 Commencement ceremonies online.