Co-Op Internships

Students who wish to take a semester or year off school to work with a company can arrange to do so by cancelling their registration before the semester begins. Students should meet with their Engineering Student Services advisor in 230 Bechtel, regarding the cancellation and readmission process. The Bioengineering Department is not currently recruiting companies to offer co-ops to students, however, will pass on job opportunities as we find them.

If you are looking for a co-op job, we suggest you first discuss the option with your academic adviser to ensure that you will be able to withdraw and be readmitted and your academic progress will not suffer unduly. Generally, students in good academic standing at time of departure will be allowed.

It may be possible to guarantee readmission and assure your degree requirements do not change while you are away. Always talk to your academic adviser!

Things to know:  

  • Due to visa regulations, international students will generally not be eligible – check with the International Students Office for details
  • Co-op students are withdrawn from the university while working, and thus are not considered students or eligible for regular student benefits, including library and gym privileges
  • Co-Op students are NOT covered by SHIP health insurance during withdrawn semesters, and should pursue health insurance through their employers or family
    • Spring-Summer co-ops have no insurance January – August
    • Summer-Fall co-ops have no insurance August – December
  • Students MUST consult their academic adviser before accepting a co-op job to ensure their studies will not be unduly impacted
  • Participation in co-op may delay their graduation date by one semester