Faculty advising

A new curriculum has been approved starting Fall 2017. Current students will be able to transfer into the 2017 curriculum by demonstrating that they can complete their degree within the 8 semesters.

Attend an information session on the new curriculum.

Who is my Faculty adviser?
Regents Scholars: Prof. Liepmann
Freshmen: Terry Johnson
Joint BioE/MSE majors: Prof. Messersmith
All others choose a faculty adviser during the open session each semester. Continuing students should log into the Faculty Advising web app (using your CalNet ID) and select your faculty adviser. Once you have made a choice, make sure to save your selection. See the subject area designations in the schedule below.

Don’t Forget:

  • For Fall 2017 enrollment use Cal Central. Obtain your class schedule under Schedule Planner.
  • Download the correct BioE worksheet for your curriculum and fill it out
  • Faculty Advisers will take roll at the end of each advising session and will provide a list of students who attended their advising sessions, those students who DO NOT ATTEND an advising session will have their registration blocked and will be unable to enroll in classes.

Review the Faculty Advising Procedure

Faculty advisers and meeting times – Fall 2016 for Spring 2017

Click on the adviser’s name for their contact information

Name Meeting time Meeting location
Biomaterials & Joint Major with MSE
Kevin Healy On sabbatical  NOT AVAILABLE
Phil Messersmith Oct 10, 12-1pm
Oct 20, 9-10am
Both meetings in 218 Hearst Mining
Biomedical Devices
Amy Herr Oct 17, 1:30-2:30pm
Oct 21, 12-1pm
482 Stanley Hall
421 Stanley Hall
Niren Murthy Oct 11, 12-1pm
Oct 18, 12-1pm
Both meetings in 284 Hearst Mining
Seung-Wuk Lee
Aaron Streets Oct 11, 12-1pm
Oct 18, 5-6pm
Both meetings in 308A Stanley
Biomedical Imaging
Steven Conolly Oct 11, 12-1pm
Oct 18, 12-1pm
Both meetings outside 340 HMMB
Moriel Vandsburger
Cell & Tissue Engineering
Adam Arkin Oct 11, 5-6pm
Oct 17, 5-6pm
2151 Berkeley Way EBB Lobby
Irina Conboy Oct 10, 1-2pm
Oct 18, 1-2pm
Both meetings in B108B Stanley Hall
Dan Fletcher Oct 14, 1:30-2:30pm 621 Stanley
Sanjay Kumar Oct 3, 3-4pm
Oct 17, 2-3pm
Both meetings in 274A Stanley Hall
Gerard Marriott
Mohammad Mofrad Oct 13, 1-2pm
Oct 20, 1-2pm
Both meetings in 208A Stanley
Michael Yartsev Oct 10, 12-1pm
Oct 17, 1:30-2:30pm
Both meetings in 282 La Ka Shing, call 664-7994 for entry
Computational Bioengineering
Ian Holmes
Kimmen Sjölander Oct 13, 5-6pm
Oct 17, 10-11am
Both meetings in 308C Stanley Hall
Synthetic Biology
Chris Anderson
John Dueber Oct 13, 9-10am
Oct 20, 9-10am
Both meetings in EBB Lobby, 2151 Berkeley Way
Chancellor’s & Regent’s Scholars
Dorian Liepmann Oct 10, 5-6pm
Oct 13, 11:30-1pm
Both meetings in 321 Stanley Hall
Freshmen, Engineering Undeclared
Terry Johnson Oct 11, 2-4pm
Oct 17, 2-4pm
Both meetings in 418 Hearst Mining

A listing of all the Faculty advisers is posted on the Bioengineering Bulletin Board, 306 Stanley Hall. Faculty standing office hours.

What if I can’t make my faculty advisers meeting?
You can attend any of the other BioE Faculty advisers Group meetings.

Review the Faculty Advising Procedure