Pre-2017 Curriculum

This curriculum was in place prior to Fall 2017. Students entering before Fall 2017 may choose to continue using these requirements. Students admitted for Fall 2017 or after must use the

2007-2016 Major Requirements

Generally, the requirements for the Bioengineering Bachelor’s Degree is a minimum of 120 semester units, including:

  • Approximately 63 units in the lower division designed to provide a strong foundation in the physical and biological sciences and mathematics, as well as an introduction to the various fields of engineering normally applied to biology and medicine.
  • Upper division study that combines advanced courses in engineering, physical and biological sciences, and mathematics and statistics.
  • Students must complete 42 units of upper division course work in Technical Topics subjects such as engineering, chemistry, physics, integrative biology, molecular & cell biology, mathematics or statistics. Of these 42 units, at least 22 must be in bioengineering.  Courses must be selected so that engineering topics, including bioengineering, comprise at least 45 units of the complete program of study. engineering, mathematics, or physical science courses
  • Six courses of at least 3 units each in  humanities and social studies, selected from the college’s current Humanities and Social Studies list.
  • One course with a substantial ethics component to be chosen from an approved list.