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​Welcome to the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley where we pursue research and educational programs that open new areas of scientific inquiry, drive transformational technologies, and foster a community that trains and motivates the next generation of bioengineers.​


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Recent news from Berkeley Bioengineering

Congratulations outstanding GSIs!

Congratulations to Outstanding GSI Award Winners for 2022-23 from BioE courses: Eric Markley (BioE PhD Student), Baiyu Shi (BioE/EECS Undergrad Student) and Milad Shirani (MechE PhD Student)! The UC Berkeley Outstanding GSI Awards are given to the best GSIs of the year, nominated by the course instructor.

Messersmith named MRS Fellow

Messersmith named MRS Fellow

Professor Phillip Messersmith has been named to the 2023 class of Fellows of the Materials Research Society. The Fellows program recognizes outstanding contributions to the field, including research, leadership, and service that have advanced the mission of the materials community world-wide. It is intended to be a lifetime recognition of distinction in the field. 

Streets receives Chancellor’s Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity

Streets receives Chancellor’s Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity

Congratulations Professor Aaron Streets, presented the 2023 Chancellor’s Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity for outstanding contributions in advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice. Streets is an award-winning bioengineer whose wide-ranging efforts to diversify engineering and the biosciences have been deeply transformative. He is the DIrector of the BioEngineering Scholars Program as well as a co-founder of the Berkeley Stanford UCSF Next Generation Faculty Symposium.

Upcoming events:

  • No Bioengineering Seminar Today

    March 29, 2023



    Enjoy your Spring Break !

  • Title TBD

    March 30, 2023

    101 Weill Hall

    Shigeki Watanabe, John Hopkins

  • On Optical Antennas, Quantum Emitters and Biological Nanoparticles: Understanding and Exploiting Efficient Light-Matter Interaction

    April 7, 2023, 2–3 p.m.

    277 Cory Hall

    Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

    Light-matter interaction at the nanometer scale lies at the heart of elementary optical processes such as absorption, emission, or scattering. In this presentation, we shall consider the intrinsic scattering cross section of a nano-object and discuss 1) its implications for sensitive fluorescence-free detection, and 2) ways to enhance the optical response of a nano-object by using antennas....

  • Bioengineering Seminar: Discovering brain-behavior relationships using Motion Sequencing

    April 12, 2023, 12–1 p.m.

    290 Hearst Memorial Mining Building

    Sandeep Robert Datta, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School

    Attend in person: 290 Hearst Mining Building or Attend via Zoom: (registration link below) Abstract The central challenge in neurobiology is to understand how the brain gives rise to behavior. However, we have limited tools to query the structure of complex, naturalistic behavior of the sort generated by animals in the wild. Here I will discuss methodologies we have developed that reveal the...

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