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Kathleen Gallo

Kathleen Gallo

Associate Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, Channel Medsystems
Masters in Translational Medicine, 2011

I’ve been responsible for our company’s regulatory submissions in the US, Mexico, Canada, and the EU, as well as providing clinical and technical support for the physician investigators in our pivotal trial.

“I gained my foundation in clinical research and regulatory affairs through the MTM program. This allowed me to jump in quickly when our company developed the need for clinical and regulatory support.”

Sanjibita Mishra

Sanjibita Mishra

Research Associate, Early Stage Development, Kite Pharma
Master of Engineering, Bioengineering, 2015

I perform process development to design, establish, and transfer cell therapy processes to support early phase clinical trials.

“The course and laboratory work at Berkeley helped me not only to grasp the principles but also allowed me to apply those in real life applications. I believe that the culture in Berkeley to encourage analytical thinking was crucial to my success both as student and in the industry.”

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Keep up with the Summer Biodesign Immersion Experience online!

This year's cohort is pioneering a fully online experience and documenting their journey on Medium. Our NIH-sponsored summer program focuses on the first two stages of the design process: needs finding and needs screening.


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Upcoming events:

  • SURF Information Session

    October 27, 2020, 1–2 p.m.

    Zoom meeting ID: 874 028 2986 Online via Zoom

    Brittany Johnson, Program Coordinator, SURF

    The SURF Info Session will address eligibility criteria for the SURF program (including the L&S, Rose Hills, SURF-SMART, and Math Team cohorts), benefits of the fellowship, testimonials, and tips for a successful application. Please use the Zoom Meeting ID below. All SURF 2021 Information Sessions will use the same ID. You must be logged into you account to access the...

  • CITRIS Research Exchange Seminar Series - Fall 2020

    October 28, 2020, 12–1 p.m.

    Sutardja Dai Hall

    Free and open to the public, the CITRIS Research Exchange offers fresh perspectives on information technology and society from distinguished academic, industry, and civic leaders. Each seminar takes place on Wednesdays from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm via Zoom. Join us! Sept 9, 2020 – Inclusive Workforce Strategies: Enhancing the Future of Public Sector Work Speakers: Panelists include Elana Zeide...

  • Bioengineering Seminar Fall 2020: Title TBD

    October 28, 2020, 12–1 p.m.

    Virtual Zoom meeting - Registration link below

    Grace Gu, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

  • Mechanical Exfoliation as a Route to Nanomanufacturing of 2D van der Waals Bonded Heterostructures

    October 30, 2020, 2–3 p.m.

    Zoom Session

    Prof. Daryl Chrzan, UC Berkeley, MSE

    • The zoom link for this meeting is: • Graphene was first isolated by Novoselov, Geim et al in 2004. Since that time, we have learned much about the fundamental properties and potential technological applications of 2D materials - materials that consist of a single layer of atoms. Interestingly, the initial experiments on graphene isolated the material...

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