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The Bioengineering Department offices are located in 306 Stanley Hall, and are open 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

For general information, please call 510-642-5833 or email us.

 Bioengineering Department Staff

Nikki Humphreys, Department Manager

Strategic planning, financial oversight, management.

306H Stanley Hall

Catherine Galicia, Administrative Services

Scheduling appointments with the Chair
Reserving BioE conference rooms (and the computer projector)
Arranging for official visitor parking (for faculty)
Preparing shipment labels for outgoing deliveries
Coordinating seminar visits with meetings (for faculty)
Facilitating course evaluations (for faculty)

306F Stanley Hall
Office: (510) 642-5833
Office hours: 8 am – 5 pm (lunch 12-1pm)

Catherine Galicia
Cat Ming Hubbard, Student Program Coordinator, Master of Translational Medicine Program

  • Advising MTM students on meeting program requirements of both campuses (Berkeley and UCSF)
  • Answering questions from current students, alumni, and prospective students about the MTM program
  • Updating program websites with current event information, program requirements, and course information

306E Stanley Hall
Office: (510) 642-5888

Cindy Manly-Fields, Undergraduate Affairs

  • Advice and information on BioE undergraduate curriculum and program
  • Undergrad scheduling issues, problems, course information
  • Signing up for Research Credit (BioE 99, 199, H194 or 196)
  • Questions or applying for BioE Minor Program
  • Faculty Advising
  • problems/issues/information
  • Questions regarding Cal Day, Commencement Reception
  • Course and room scheduling {for Faculty}

306C Stanley Hall
Office: 510-642-5860

Appointment days and times are as following:
•Monday – Friday, 9am- 11:30am

Afternoon Drop In:
Tuesday-Thursday, 1:15-5pm
Friday 2-4pm

Appointments can be made in person at 306 Stanley, email to, or call.

It is strongly recommended you email or call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Please be on time to your appointment. If a current student, make sure and bring your DARS report. If you are over 5 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule.

Mona McGill-Williams, Financial Assistant

Payroll Issues
Ordering/paying for laboratory supplies {for faculty and lab managers}
Student group funds in BioE accounts
Travel and other reimbursements {for faculty}

306E Stanley Hall
Office: (510) 666-3362
Office hours: Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Mona McGill-Williams
Michael “Moose” O’Donnell, Executive Director, Master of Translational Medicine Program

Directing and administering the Masters program at both campuses (Berkeley and UCSF)
Advice for current Masters students (curriculum, projects, graduation, job placement, etc.)
Advice for prospective Masters students (program info, admissions, etc.)
Masters Capstone Project solicitation and guidance for students and project leaders
Assistance with Masters program advertising and communications
Assistance with Masters program financial infrastructure
Industry partnerships

306 Stanley Hall
Office: (510) 664-4472

Kristin Olson, Graduate Program

Graduate student issues
Bioengineering graduate admissions
GSI assignments

306 Stanley Hall
Office: (510) 642-9931
Office hours:

Alison Rath, Academic Personnel

Academic personnel – faculty appointments

306J Stanley Hall
Office: (510) 666-3360
Office hours: 8 am – 5 pm (lunch 12-1pm)

Alison Rath
Pam Reynolds, Communications Manager

News announcements and press release coordination
Bioengineering publications and websites
Announcements to be sent by email to students or faculty
Planning special events with the Department
BioE alumni relations


Pam Reynolds
Jennifer Teverbaugh, Technical Support & Hearst Mining Building Facilities
Ordering computer equipment
Networking problems on BioE computers or in BioE rooms
Keys to BioE rooms
Other misc. facilities and technical problems
306F Stanley Hall
Office: (510) 642-5833
Office hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Brandy Thomas, Finance Manager

Primary contact for billing/payment issues.
Provides monthly account summaries to department faculty.
Responsible for analyzing and resolving financial concerns, as well as for performing key financial controls.
306E Stanley Hall