Dr. Budinger Award

BioE Majors

Apply for the Dr. Thomas Budinger Bioengineering Exploration Award

Created to honor our first department chair and fearless explorer Dr. Budinger, this new award recognizes outstanding extracurricular research by continuing BioE undergraduates.

The winner receives up to $750 in reimbursement for travel to a scientific or academic conference in order to present their research.


  • Do research outside of a class
  • Have your research mentor write a letter of recommendation
  • Submit your online application before the deadline

Deadline Sunday April 30, midnight!

research students


  • Undergraduate bioengineering majors who have attended UC Berkeley for at least one semester before applying for award (arrived in Fall 2016 or earlier)
  • At least one semester remaining before graduation – graduating December 2017 or later


  • For research performed outside of a course
  • May be at UC Berkeley or at another institution or company
  • May be part of a defined summer program
  • Students may only submit work for which they were substantially responsible. If a group project, must describe which portion of the work they performed.


  • Submit a one page description + one figure, including a description of the research, methodology, and motivation.
  • Submit one paragraph answering: What is next in your development as an adventurous bioengineering researcher
  • Submit a letter of recommendation by your supervisor (postdoc level or higher, or industry supervisor).
  • Apply online here!

Award Details

  • Application and acceptance to present at a conference is up to the student. Travel and presentation must be completed during their time as a UC Berkeley Bioengineering undergraduate student.
  • Conference and travel plans must be presented to the department for approval before travel.
  • Reimbursements must follow campus procedures, receipts are required. No cash awards.