Technical Topic Courses

(New for 2017)

Course # Course title (units)
BioE 1XX Any BioE 100-level course
Not including 100, 198, 199, or any Pass/Fail course
BioE 2XX Any BioE 200-level course
Not including 298, 299, or any Pass/Fail course
Chem 120A Physical Chemistry
Chem 120B Physical Chemistry
Chem 135 Chemical Biology
ChemE 140 Introduction to Chemical Process Analysis
ChemE 141 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
ChemE 150A Transport Processes
ChemE 150B Transport Processes
ChemE 170A Biochemical Engineering
ChemE 170B Biochemical Engineering
ChemE C170L Transport Phenomena
ChemE 171 Biochemical Engineering Lab
ChemE C178 Polymer Science & Technology
CS 160 User Interface Design and Development
CS 161 Computer Security
CS 169 Software Engineering
CS 170 Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems
CS 176 Algorithms for Computational Biology
CS 186 Introduction to Database Systems
CS 188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS 189 Introduction to Machine Learning
CS C191/ Physics C191 Quantum Information Science and Technology
E 40 Engineering Thermodynamics
EE 105 Microelectronic Devices and Circuits
EE 117 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
EE 118 Introduction to Optical Engineering
EE 120 Signals and Systems
EE 123 Digital Signal Processing
EE 126 Probability and Random Processes
EECS 127 Optimization Models in Engineering
EE C128 Feedback Control Systems
EE 142 Integrated Circuits for Communications
EE 143 Processing and Design of Integrated Circuits
EE 147 Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
EE C149 Introduction to Embedded Systems
EE 192 Mechatronic Design Laboratory
IB 115 Introduction to Systems in Biology and Medicine
IB 127L Motor Control
IB 131 General Human Anatomy
IB 132 Survey of Human Physiology
IB 135 The Mechanics of Organisms
IB 148 Comparative Animal Physiology
IB 161 Population and Evolutionary Genetics
IB 163 Molecular and Genomic Evolution
IEOR 160 Nonlinear and Discrete Optimization
IEOR 162 Linear Programming
IEOR 172 Probability and Risk Analysis for Engineers
Math 110 Linear Algebra
Math 118 Wavelets and Signal Processing
Math 127 Mathematical & Computational Methods in Molecular Biology
Math 128A Numerical Analysis
Math 170 Mathematical Methods for Optimization
MCB C100A Biophysical Chemistry

Students should take BioE 103 instead of MCB C100A, credit applied for those who have already taken C100A before F17

MCB 100B Biochemistry: Pathways, Mechanisms and Regulation
MCB 102 Survey of the Principles of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
MCB 110 General Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
MCB 130 Cell and Systems biology
MCB 132 Biology of Human Cancer
MCB 133L Cell and Developmental Biology Laboratory
MCB 136 Physiology
MCB 140 General Genetics
MCB 140L Genetics Laboratory
MCB 150 Molecular Immunology
MCB 160L Neurobiology Laboratory
MCB 166 Biophysical Neurobiology
MCB C112 / PMB C112 General Microbiology
MCB C148 / PMB C148 Microbial Genomics & Genetics
MCB C160 Introduction to Neurobiology
ME 102B Mechatronics Design
ME 104 Engineering Mechanics II
ME 106 Fluid Mechanics
ME 109 Heat Transfer
ME 118 Introduction to Nanotechnology & Nanoscience
ME 119 Introduction to MEMS
ME 132 Dynamic Systems and Feedback
ME 133 Mechanical Vibrations
ME 167 Microscale Fluid Mechanics
ME 185 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
MSE 102 Bonding, Crystallography, & Crystal Defects
MSE 103 Phase Transformations and Kinetics
MSE 104 Materials Characterization
MSE 111 Properties of Electronic Materials
MSE 112 Corrosion (Chemical Properties)
MSE 113 Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials
MSE 130 Experimental Materials Science and Design
MSE 151 Polymeric Materials
NE 101 Nuclear Reactions and Radiation
NE 107 Introduction to Imaging
NE 162 Radiation Biophysics and Dosimetry
Physics 110A Electromagnetism and Optics
Physics 112 Introduction to Statistical and Thermal Physics
Physics 137A Quantum Mechanics
Physics 177 Principles of Molecular Biophysics
Physics C191 / CS C191 Quantum Information Science and Technology
PMB 185 Techniques in Light Microscopy
PMB C112 / MCB C112 General Microbiology
PMB C148 / MCB C148 Microbial Genomics & Genetics
Statistics 133 Concepts in Computing with Data
Statistics 134 Concepts of Probability
Statistics 135 Concepts of Statistics
Statistics 150 Stochastic Processes