Undergraduate Research

Many bioengineering undergraduates gain hands-on research experience while at Berkeley. Some students work through the established programs below, others get course credit for research, still others volunteer in labs.

Many opportunities for research can through the College of Engineering’s student research pages, beehive.berkeley.edu.

Some other applicable programs are:

Summer Biodesign Immersion Experience – for current UC Berkeley BioE students

UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program, research during the school year.

QB3 Undergraduate Research Biotech Internship Program – summer industry internships.

Synthetic Biology Summer Research Program (iGEM) – stay tuned for recruitment announcements

Amgen and Genentech Scholars Undergraduate Summer Research Program in Sciences and Biotechnology.

Pre-IMSD Summer Research, summer research in biomedicine, environmental health, behavioral sciences, pre-PhD.

Other research opportunities can be found on the Undergraduate Research at Berkeley website.