Fall 2016
Bioengineering Seminar Series

Wednesdays, 12:00 noon-1:00 pm
106 Stanley Hall
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Recent News

Herr Lab invention named Top Innovation of 2016 by The Scientist

For the #1 spot in their annual Top 10 Innovations of the year, The Scientist magazine has chosen Milo, the commercial version of the single-cell Western blot technology invented in Professor Amy Herr’s lab. Originally developed for market by BioE PhD alumna Kelly Gardner for their startup Zephyrus Biosciences, acquired by BioTechne, Gardner now runs commercialization of the product for ProteinSimple.

MEng alum startup Lief launches Kickstarter

Lief Therapeutics has designed a smart patch that helps people manage their stress through heart rate variability biofeedback. Co-founder Billy Frese is a 2015 BioE MEng alum. Check them out on Kickstarter.

Conboy finds young blood does not reverse aging

A new study from Professor Irina Conboy’s lab found that tissue health and repair dramatically decline in young mice when half of their blood is replaced with blood from old mice. This adds further detail to the complex study of aging and suggest that young blood alone will not reverse the aging process.

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