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​Welcome to the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley where we pursue research and educational programs that open new areas of scientific inquiry, drive transformational technologies, and foster a community that trains and motivates the next generation of bioengineers.​



2018 Commencement

Congratulations to our Spring 2018 graduates!

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Check out the many adventures of the 2018 interns in the 8-week NIH-funded program.

Recent news from Berkeley Bioengineering

Congratulations department fellows!

Congratulations to our PhD students awarded named department fellowships for 2018-19! Endowed fellowships allow our talented students to pursue independent , cutting-edge research not yet funded by a major grant.

Alumna McBirney on All Things Considered

Alumna McBirney on All Things Considered

Listen to alumna Samantha McBirney (BS 2012) on NPR’s All Things Considered, discussing her graduate work on an inexpensive magnetic detector for malaria!

Living Large: Exploration of Diverse Bacteria Signals Big Advance for Gene Function Prediction

Living Large: Exploration of Diverse Bacteria Signals Big Advance for Gene Function Prediction

Professor Adam Arkin co-authors the largest functional genomics study of bacteria ever published. He and collaborators have developed a workflow that enables large-scale, genome-wide assays of gene importance across many conditions.

I’m a Bioengineer

Supada Sritanyaratana

Supada Sritanyaratana

Clinical Demand and Supply Leader, Genentech
BS Bioengineering, 2013

I predict how much medicine we need to produce to ensure that we have enough medicine for the patients in our clinical trials. Currently, I am managing the global supply of a new Alzheimer’s drug and a Macular Degeneration (blindness) drug.

“When I’m faced with a new problem, I take a step back to brainstorm multiple possible solutions from different perspectives choose the solution that makes sense for the greater whole by empathizing with all of the stakeholders.”

Carol Major

Carol Major

Technical Program Manager, iPhone Product Operations
BS Bioengineering, 2013

“Strong communication skills have been critical to achieving management success and long-term career goals…Being able to build and develop mutual levels of respect and understanding between teams so that they are incentivized to provide support when issues arise has been invaluable.”

“I am also very passionate about encouraging young women to enter STEM fields, so I hope to one day use my career as a platform to support that.”

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