Spring Seminar Series

Please join us at our Spring Seminar Series, Wednesdays, 12:00 PM -1:00 PM, 390 Hearst Memorial Mining Building.

Recent News

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Photonics breakthrough points to ultrafast DNA diagnostics

Professor Luke Lee’s lab has developed technology that promises to make the standard polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test cheaper, more portable, and many times faster by accelerating the heating and cooling of genetic samples with light.

Yartsev receives Konishi Neuroethology Research Award

New Assistant Professor Michael Yartsev is one of the recipients of the 2015 Konishi Neuroethology Research Award. The awards from the International Society for Neuroethology are intended  to promote research by early career investigators.   Congratulations!

cardiac microchamber

Healy Lab grows beating human heart tissue from stem cells

Researchers in Professor Kevin Healy’s lab have developed a template for growing beating cardiac tissue from stem cells, creating a system that could serve as a model for early heart development and as a drug-screening tool to make pregnancies safer.

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