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​Welcome to the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley where we pursue research and educational programs that open new areas of scientific inquiry, drive transformational technologies, and foster a community that trains and motivates the next generation of bioengineers.​

Fall 2018 Bioengineering Alumni Lecture

alumni lecture

Friday, October 12
5:30-6:30 pm
106 Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley
Reception to follow

“Pushing the Boundaries of Your Engineering Degree: Imagination Will Take You Everywhere”
Dr. Karin Hollerbach, PhD 1993

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Recent news from Berkeley Bioengineering

Murthy Lab tech rapidly identifies antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’

Murthy Lab tech rapidly identifies antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’

Prof Niren Murthy’s lab, led by postdoc Tara deBoer, has developed a new cheap and simple point-of-care assay for diagnosing bacterial drug resistance. Termed DETECT, the technology can identify bacterial drug resistance directly from patient urine samples. The study appears on the Oct. 18 cover of the journal ChemBioChem.

Alumni news: Invasive breast cancers punch tunnels into neighboring tissue

Phd alumnus Ovijit Chaudhuri, now a professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford University, has uncovered a previously unknown mechanism cancerous cells use to break through the basement membrane, allowing the tumor to become invasive.

Alum Artunduaga featured on VentureWell

Alum Artunduaga featured on VentureWell

MTM alumna and founder of startup Respira Labs Maria Artunduaga is featured in the Innovator Spotlight on VentureWell! She invented a device that continuously monitors patients’ lung function and collects lifestyle and other medical data to improve management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

I’m a Bioengineer

Brian McRae

Brian McRae

Software Engineer, Genentech
BS Bioengineering, 2012; MS Bioengineering/ Translational Medicine, 2013

Our team builds exciting web applications that visualize drug manufacturing data and enable faster and more informed decisions. We work with various manufacturing groups such as Operations and Validation to understand their problems and collaborate to design new software solutions.

“With a background in bioengineering, I can make better design choices because I can understand what is happening in the manufacturing plant and what the code ultimately needs to accomplish.”

Alisha Manandhar

Alisha Manandhar

Product Manager, Accenture
BS Bioengineering, 2013

I work with my clients to design and develop product features that enhance user experiences, increase product revenue, and remove operational inefficiencies associated with their product using Agile Software Delivery methods.

“(In BioE I learned how to) empathize and conduct user needs research to develop products that not only solve problems, but increase usability and customer satisfaction.”

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