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Recent News

protein brushes

Kumar Lab creates biological polymer brushes

Professor Sanjay Kumar and his colleagues have taken proteins from nerve cells and used them to create a biological version of a synthetic coating used in everyday liquid products, such as paint and liquid cosmetics, to keep small particles from clumping together. The synthetic coatings are often called polymer brushes. This marriage of materials science and biology could give birth to a flexible, sensitive coating that is easy and cheap to manufacture in large quantities.

Alumna Shetty in the Wall Street Journal

BioE alumna Charvi Shetty is an entrepreneur launching Knox Medical Devices, her own startup company working on a device to track asthma symptoms. The device began as a project in the Senior Capstone Design course, taught by Amy Herr.

walker team

Capstone students design Ninja Walker

Read about the transforming walker that can help seniors avoid falls, designed by a bioengineering capstone design team.

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